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VA250 takes off for maiden flight!

On Wedndesday, December 15, 2021, the RotorSchmiede VA250 ultralight with German registration D-MZZT took off on its maiden flight at 11:30. In spite of imperfect weather conditions, the team was ready to take the next [...]

RotorSchmiede VA250 ultralight received the Permit to Fly

We proudly announce the receipt of the Permit to Fly for our RotorSchmiede VA250 ultralight. The responsible German authorities sent it to us earlier this day. The whole team is very happy to see the [...]

  • interview with China Central Television - 3
  • interview with China Central Television - 2
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Interview for China Central Television

Yesterday, two reporters from China Central Television interviewed our CEO regarding our general development and our participation at the China International Import Expo (CIIE) which will take place beginning of November. After showing our VA115 [...]

Endurance ground tests carried out succesfully!

The endurance ground test program has been finished. It was part of German certification in order to get the permit to fly (PTF). In sum more than 30 hours were performed in different environmental conditions. [...]

First ground run of VA250 prototype

The first ground run of our RotorSchmiede VA250 ultralight prototype was carried out some days ago without any problems. Due to the scaled-up mechanical systems, which principles are already proven by our smaller certified RotorSchmiede [...]

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2 years ago

The second RotorSchmiede VA250 ultralight has been manufactured. Now, we await to get the permit to fly very soon here in Germany. We are happy to use this helicopter for flight testing then.

2 years ago

Yesterday, the China Central Television CCTV visited us from its Berlin office in order to get some material for their report. It can be seen relating to the China International Import Expo 2021 in ... See more

2 years ago

Our helicopters arrived in Shanghai. Preparation of our booth at China International Import Expo can start now 🥳

2 years ago

New VA250 prototype - still waiting for PTF but ready for flight testing 🙂

2 years ago

It seems we are the first ⏰😁

2 years ago

Freight prepared for China International Import Expo

3 years ago

Great news: We are one big step closer to the PTF of the RotorSchmiede VA250 ultralight. We finished ground runs with in sum more than 30 hours as per German certification specifications. Rotor and ... See more

3 years ago

It should be summer again.

3 years ago

Measuring data for showing the efficiency of the VA250 cooling system.

As already known from the VA115, the VA250 follows our tradition of delivering unlimited hover time without any problems of ... See more

3 years ago

Engine warm up 🌡️

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