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RotorSchmiede – ultralightweight / ultra sophisticated

At its Magdeburg-Cochstedt facilities RotorSchmiede GmbH develops light helicopters for leisure and utility, all featuring RotorSchmiedes distinct coaxial rotor system. RotorSchmiede is a division of DEA General Aviation Holding Company Limited which is a public listed company on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in China.

RotorSchmiede GmbH is part of the DEA General Aviation Group. As a result, it has direct access to the competences of its partner companies XtremeAir GmbH (EASA certified full-carbon aerobatic and sport aircraft), Göbler-Hirthmotoren GmbH & Co. KG (2-stroke engines for UAS and ultralight applications) and Mistral Engines SA (rotary piston engines in the power range of 200 – 300 hp).



Latest News

German Airworthiness Authorities Issue RotorSchmiede’s VA115 Prototype a “Permit to Fly” Authorisation

The German Airworthiness Authorities have issued RotorSchmiede, manufacturers of the VA115 Co-Axial Helicopter a “Permit to Fly” on their Prototype PT002 Registration D-MPVA to begin flight testing. This is a major achievement in the Ultra-Light [...]