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RotorSchmiede – ultralightweight / ultra sophisticated

At its Magdeburg-Cochstedt facilities RotorSchmiede develops light helicopters for leisure and utility, all featuring RotorSchmiedes distinct coaxial rotor system.

Since the end of February, with increasing outside temperatures, flight testing of the VA115 ultralight prototype has once again become the top priority of RotorSchmiede. All in all, we are very confident that we will be able to complete the certification process within a few weeks, and that we will hold the German ULH Type Certificate for the VA115 ultralight in our hands soon.



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German Airworthiness Authorities Issue RotorSchmiede’s VA115 Prototype a “Permit to Fly” Authorisation

The German Airworthiness Authorities have issued RotorSchmiede, manufacturers of the VA115 Co-Axial Helicopter a “Permit to Fly” on their Prototype PT002 Registration D-MPVA to begin flight testing. This is a major achievement in the Ultra-Light [...]